AGL Home Energy Assessment

What is an AGL Hardship Audit and why have I been contacted by YESS?

AGL is an essential service provider and have a responsibility to ensure that they provide appropriate support to vulnerable members of the community. Life changes, the unexpected can happen and energy costs can be the cause of stress in the household budget. As part of AGL’s Affordability Initiatives and Payment Difficulty Framework, AGL have engaged Your Energy Saving Solutions (YESS) to provide customers of AGL with a Home Energy Assessment (also known as Audit), to their customers who fall into this group and/or are identified as Hardship Customers, and/or would like to find out how to use energy in their home more efficiently.

The report summarises the discussions and recommendations which are discussed during your assessment with our Experienced Energy Efficiency & Scorecard Accredited Assessors and focused on teaching the household about small changes to behaviour which can reduce bills on a seasonal basis.

Who will be conducting my AGL Hardship Audit?

Your Assessor will hold at a minimum either a Certificate IV in Home Sustainability Assessment or Victorian Residential Efficiency Scorecard Accreditation (or equivalent) and hold a valid Police Clearance.

Adel Basilios
CertIV NatHERS, First Rate 5
Rhys Freeman
Scorecard Vic, Dipl. Energy Management, Cert. Energy Auditing to Australian Standard
Paul Bana
Scorecard Vic, CertIV HEA, CertIV BEA, CertIV Carbon Management, Cert. Energy Auditing to Australian Standard , Dip.Education for Sustainability
Greg Andriske
Gary Manifroid
Scorecard Vic

Who is YESS?

YESS are AGL’s service delivery partner for part of their Affordability Initiatives and Payment Difficulty Framework. YESS are sent Home Energy Audit Requests from AGL and will make contact with their customers to schedule the assessment and then also perform the home energy assessment.

Will the Assessor be in an AGL uniform?

No. The home energy assessor will be wearing a YESS branded uniform (polo shirt or jacket) & will have an photo ID with YESS & AGL cobranding.

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