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The South Australian Government created an obligatory Scheme that all energy retailers (AGL, Energy Australia, Origin etc.) must partake in.

A quota or target is set for each energy retailer and it is up to them to fund and complete energy saving activities such as LED lighting upgrades to meet these targets.

Companies such as YESS are here to provide that service on behalf of the energy retailers. Essentially, we perform all the work and collect the necessary compliance evidence (photos, paperwork, and verification calls) that we then sell on to the energy retailers as credits, or rebates who submit the completed work to the government body (ESCOSA) that are overseeing the state scheme.

It is optional for businesses to participate in the scheme however, without participation they are unable to access the credits.

Faulty fixtures or missing lights are unable to be upgraded if a REPS Rebate is being claimed. All light fixtures must be working on the day of your scheduled upgrade to be replaced under the REPS program. If a fitting has no working lights, it will not be upgraded because the program is designed to provide energy savings to the business. In the scenario where a light is missing or not working (not drawing power) then by YESS installing a light in its place, we would be increasing the energy consumption for that fitting, not reducing it.

As part of your initial assessment your lighting upgrade consultant will help to identify any areas that the electrician will be unable to upgrade due to access issues or hazards. If you are unable to make the area safe and clear any obstacles, please advise us

We offer free site assessments to inspect your lighting which allows us to provide you with a detailed no obligatory quote and return of investment. There are many things that effect the dollar value of the quote. This depends on the business ANZSIC classification, the type of lighting, including the control gear of the ballast, and the space type that the lights are situated in (e.g., Retail, Workshop, Warehouse etc).

Small energy consumers: Are classified as businesses who consume less than 160MWH per annum on their power bill. We can offer lighting upgrades from $33 (inc. GST) per business address to small energy consumers.

Large energy consumers: Are classified as business who consume greater than 160MWH per annum on their power bill. There is a surcharge of $1.70 (inc. GST) per REPS credit.

  • Type of ballasts driving the tubes (Electronic VS Magnetic) Electronic ballasts use less power than magnetic, which are older and less efficient, therefore we wouldn’t be saving the customer as much power. Because the cost of the install is directly affected by how much power we are saving you, an install consisting entirely of electronic ballast driven tubes may incur a higher cost.
  • Installation of plug bases, cutting out ceiling cut outs, supplying lights outside of the REPS scheme (installation of additional lights or if existing aren’t in working order and customer wants them upgraded).

The types of products that fall under the scope of REPS include:

  • BC, ES, & CFL globes.
  • T5 and T8 fluorescent tube lights (600mm, 1200mm, & 1500mm)
  • T12s (1200 and 1500mm)
  • Halogen Downlights (MR16 and GU10)
  • Rectangular and Circular Shop lights
  • High Bays
  • Floodlights
  • PAR38 Floodlights

We offer replacement products for all the previously mentioned products and can install LED panels and LED batten lights in place of tubes.

We can replace G24 fittings (Double CFL fittings) and high wattage flood lights, although floodlights can often incur installation fees.

This will all come down to the following:

  • The site is eligible, and we have all the necessary pre-install required documents (Electricity Bill, Signed Quote Acceptance etc.)
  • Product and Elevated Wok Platform availability
  • Your availability
  • Our availability (we typically try to book a fortnight in advance, we can arrange to book ahead of this and may even be able to squeeze the customer in early if we have a free day due to a cancellation or if it is a smaller job we can slot in before or after another one).

GJs are complex and confusing for most customers especially in the casual format that these assessments take place. Use “Credits” to describe the quantity of energy we can save. A GJ or gigajoule, simply put, is a unit of measurement used for quantifying energy. We are looking to save you energy. Every kilowatt we reduce for you with our lighting upgrade goes toward this gigajoule quantity. Each address is limited to 20,000GJs of energy savings. Anything in addition to this will be tackled outside of the scheme.

As above, “credit” is our lingo used to quantify the energy savings we can offer you.

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