Another fantastic energy efficiency solution from Your Energy Efficiency Experts

We at YESS are committed to reducing your energy costs, enhancing your home efficiency and improving your comfort through the best, most practical and effective means possible. YESS has partnered with energy & comfort specialists EnviroTemp to bring you better comfort and reduce energy in what is your single most energy hungry appliance, reverse cycle air conditioning.

Like most things, your homes reverse cycle air-conditioning will lose efficiency overtime.  In fact, as much as 30% of your systems energy and performance efficiency will be lost through no fault of yours as quickly as within the first few years of your AC systems life. These efficiency losses will drive up your energy consumption, cause your system to work harder and can lead to more frequent breakdowns and a shorter life span.

Typical symptoms of an inefficient air conditioning system can be:

  • Runs longer than you think it should,
  • Power bill is creeping up,
  • Struggles to maintain desired temperature,
  • Doesn’t seem to be working as well as it once did.

EnviroTemp is a unique, energy saving treatment designed to make your reverse cycle air conditioning system much more efficient.  Better efficiency means better comfort and lower energy costs (1)

A onetime installation of EnviroTemp can overcome existing losses in older equipment and prevent losses in newer equipment.  This is single biggest reason why EnviroTemp is already being used in thousands of homes across Adelaide and many more across Australia too.  And EnviroTemp is being used in commercial areas as well such as schools, office buildings, wineries, breweries, cold stores, it’s even backed by one of Australia’s the largest power providers.

EnviroTemp is 100% complimentary to the solutions we’ve already provided you and any other solutions you may already have in place.  With special pricing exclusive to YESS customers, there’s truly no better time than now to consider EnviroTemp for your own home. For a limited time, YESS customers will also receive a FREE AC Service worth up to $150!

EnviroTemp installed and proven on the spot or it’s free, from $399 (2) on a split wall unit and from $599(2) on a fully ducted.  Actual price is dependent on the size of the AC unit.

Don’t wait, the quicker you get EnviroTemp the more you can save.  

Energy retailers that exceed certain thresholds are set annual targets for the delivery of energy efficiency activities to households and/or businesses. In addition, retailers with larger residential customer bases are set targets for ensuring that a certain amount of the energy efficiency activities they deliver go to low-income households; and providing energy audits to low-income households.

Many obliged retailers use the services of third party contractors to undertake activities on their behalf. YESS are an approved Third Party Contractor. Our details can be found here.

(1) Performance improvement are guaranteed on the spot for every installation.  In order for performance improvements to translate into energy savings, the air conditioning unit must be sized properly for the space being conditioned.

(2) Price will vary according to size of system.

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