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This service is completely free to customers who meet the eligibility criteria
Key areas of your home energy check-up include:

  • The building itself (e.g. insulation, doors, windows etc.)
  • Your household appliances (e.g. washing machine, dryer, fridges etc.)
  • Your home Heating & Cooling (e.g. gas /electrical heaters, air conditioners etc.)
    Your home lighting (e.g. incandescent, halogen, how many, time of use etc.)
  • How you use energy (e.g. when are you home/away, when use appliances etc.)

Following this assessment of your home you will be provided with a personalised report outlining practical solutions to reduce your energy consumption and save you money.
Your personalised report will include advice on:

  • How to reduce energy usage
  • Simple ways to minimise energy wastage and increase the comfort of your home

How to minimise your environmental footprint
YESS can:

  • Install free or subsidised energy saving products, such as efficient light globes, standby power controllers and low-flow shower heads and offer easy to implement advice to reduce future energy use.

If you are a priority household’ which means you or someone in your household holds a government concession card or are part of a hardship program with an energy retailer), details of the scheme can be found on the governing body’s website here.

In summary, a Priority Household includes the following concession card recipients:

(a) is the holder of a current pensioner concession card issued by the Commonwealth Government; or
(b) is the holder of a current TPI Gold Repatriation Health Card issued by the Commonwealth Government; or
(c) is the holder of a current War Widows Gold Repatriation Health Card issued by the Commonwealth Government; or
(d) is the holder of a current Gold Repatriation Health Card (EDA) issued by the Commonwealth Government; or
(e) is the holder of a current Health Care Card (including a Low Income Health Care Card) issued by the Commonwealth Government; or
(f) is a recipient of the South Australian Government Energy Concession

The Commission has approved the addition of residential customers who are actively participating in retailer hardship programs as a part of the priority group for REES purposes.

A REES Audit takes anywhere from 40 minutes to 1 hour. However, it may take more or less time depending on the size of your home, your current energy consumption and your appliances amongst other factors.

A REES audit could help you save money by identifying how you are currently consuming energy in your home and provide practical solutions for you to reduce this level of consumption. Depending on your individual case, the suggestions could be as simple as switching off standby devices to more complex ones, e.g. exchanging halogen/incandescent globes to CFL or LED globes. If you do use the Audit Solutions to help you reduce your energy usage, you’ll enjoy the benefits well into the future

Your Audit will be conducted by a specially trained assessor and/or retrofitter. All YESS Assessors hold a Certificate IV in Home Sustainability Assessment and hold a valid Police Clearance. Your assessor can give you a reminder call on the day of your appointment if requested

Depending on what solutions your assessor identifies for your home, there may be some solutions that can be provided during or directly following the assessment. This may include replacing inefficient lights globes or installing standby power controllers, and low flow shower heads.

Great, well that would make the Audit even better for you, as you would already have an understanding of what measures can be taken to reduce your energy usage/environmental footprint, and in light of that, the meeting will be very corroborative with you sharing insights and the assessor tailoring the check up to what you are currently doing, give you more awareness and possibly some free energy saving products. So it is a win-win for you!

Now that you are producing electricity via a renewable source it would be good to start looking at how you are using your/that energy. No doubt your Solar System is bringing down your bills? The audit will then help you identify more ways to decrease your cost of energy as well as provide you with smarter living tips and potentially some free energy saving products.

That is good to know, is it because there are few people in your household? Do you make a conscious effort to minimise your energy usage? Either way, using little energy is great and what the audit does is help you use even less energy by potentially providing you with Free Energy Saving products, provide a personalized report on how to reduce your energy usage and minimise your environmental footprint amongst other

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