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What is REES?

The Retailer Energy Efficiency Scheme (REES) is an energy efficiency scheme which commenced on 1 January 2015. The REES builds on the Residential Energy Efficiency Scheme, which operated from 2009 to 2014. Under the REES, most energy retailers in South Australia will be required to provide incentives for South Australian households and businesses to achieve energy savings to potentially lower their energy bills.

Energy retailers that exceed certain thresholds are set annual targets for the delivery of energy efficiency activities to households and/or businesses. In addition, retailers with larger residential customer bases are set targets for ensuring that a certain amount of the energy efficiency activities they deliver go to low-income households; and providing energy audits to low-income households.

Many obliged retailers use the services of third party contractors to undertake activities on their behalf. YESS are an approved Third Party Contractor. Our details can be found here.

FREE REES Approved Products

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YESS are able to change your old inefficient incandescent globes over to more energy efficient LED A- globes and Flood Lights. Under the REES Scheme we can change up to 40 globes. YESS use high quality Emerald Planet A-Globes, Candle Stick and Floodlights.

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FREE Stand-by Power Controllers

Standby Power Controllers (SPC’s) help reduce standby power use by automatically switching the power off to your TV & entertainment appliances when they are left unattended or in standby mode, they retail for $100 and can save you up to $140* per year off your electricity bills for each device installed. Under the REES Scheme we can install up to 3 SPC devices.

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FREE Water Efficient Showerheads​

YESS have a 7.5 litre per minute showerheads for your home with both fixed arm and hose attached options, YESS can install upto 3 showerheads into your home, if you meet installation eligibility.

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All house addresses in South Australia are eligible to claim our FREE services once.

We are unable to install globes into empty sockets or replace non-working globes. We are also unable to change over CFL (compact fluorescent globes) or downlights as part of the FREE service. These globes are generally not compatible with dimmer switches or sensor switches (usually found in lamps).

To be eligible to have your showerheads switched over your existing showerhead needs to use over 9 liters of water per minute. Our showerheads are not compatible with Gravity Fed or Instantaneous Hot Water Systems.

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