10 March, 2020

As a species, we spend more time indoors than ever before and it is affecting our health. It is therefore important to consider the type of lighting used in our home. While there is no light like natural light, advances in lighting technology has meant greater choice and control. This post will describe the basic elements of lighting in interior design, and some of the ways in which it is used to create functional spaces. Read More

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25 February, 2020

The steady rise of the cost of living means that some members of the community need assistance with life expenses. There are a number of concessions and schemes for varying circumstances. Some of these can mean discounts, and some require you to submit an application. This post will list the different concessions and discounts and what they can mean for your household. Read More

Tags: energy concessions, SACEDO, Pensioner Concession Card, Energy Assistance Payment, Appliance Replacement Offer

25 February, 2020

Refrigerators are an essential component of any household. Unfortunately, they do more than just keep our perishables cold. Refrigerators use “coolants” to function. These coolants contain chemicals that emit greenhouse gases. This post will explain the fundamental ways in which fridges harm the environment and how the YESS Fridge Decommissioning service can help you save. Read More

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21 February, 2020

Many modern homes and offices use downlights for their versatility, and sleek stylish look. Find out why you should care about the IC-Rating of your downlights, and what this label means when purchasing them. Read More

Tags: Abutted and Covered, LED downlights, IC-rating, Ceiling Insulation

13 February, 2020

The Victorian Government has been encouraging Victorians to reduce their energy bills and greenhouse gas emissions. This has come in the form of a state-wide initiative called the Victorian Energy Upgrade Program (VEU). Find out if your home is eligible for FREE or discounted energy saving products. Read More

Tags: Victorian Energy Efficiency Target, VEU, VEET Scheme, Victorian Services, FREE LED a-globes

11 February, 2020

Now more than ever, we are mindful of our energy use. We know the significant cost of electricity on our budget and the planet. So we wouldn’t be pleased to know that our bill is going up without providing us with any use! Find out how standby power could be costing you and how YESS can help you save. Read More

Tags: Home REES Services, REES Scheme, SA Services, FREE standby power controller

30 January, 2020

We would all love a long hot shower without feeling guilty about it. Not just about wasting precious water, but also about a rising electricity bill. Since we pay two costs for hot showers (water and electricity), they represent a big opportunity for saving on utility costs. Find out if your home is eligible for FREE water efficient shower heads.  Read More

Tags: Home REES Services, REES Scheme, SA Services, FREE energy efficient showerheads

28 January, 2020

The Retailer Energy Efficiency Scheme (REES) can mean FREE LED globes for your home. YESS offer the FREE replacement of inefficient light globes for eligible SA homes. But not all light globes are created equal, and not all are covered by REES. Find out if the globes in your home qualify for FREE replacement. Read More

Tags: Home REES Services, REES Scheme, SA Services, FREE LED globes

21 January, 2020

You may have heard about FREE or subsidised energy saving products for your home. YESS has helped more than 80,000 SA homes save on energy costs. Find out if your home is eligible for FREE LED globes, water efficient showers heads or Standby Power Controllers! Read More

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12 December, 2019

Reading your energy bill can be confusing. Understand your home’s electricity and gas usage in 3 simple steps. Find out how energy is measured, and how to benchmark against a statistical average. Read More

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10 December, 2019

A new Australian-first program rates the energy efficiency and hot water performance of your home, and provides tailored recommendations for home upgrade improvements. Get a star rating for your home with a Scorecard Home Energy Assessment! Read More

Tags: Victorian Residential Efficiency Scorecard, Victorian Energy Upgrade (VEU), VEET Scheme, Victorian Services