Your Energy Saving Solutions (YESS) Pty Ltd is a proud South Australian Company that has grown from humble beginnings to over 35 employees and 100 subcontractors.  We are based in Unley, South Australia, with Warehouses and Offices in Welland SA and Yarraville VIC. YESS provides energy saving solutions for both homes and businesses, by identifying and implementing opportunities for energy savings through the implementation of new LED Lighting Technology.

YESS works with several of Australia’s largest Energy Retailers in the delivery of environmental services and energy efficiency schemes around Australia.

Our Services include:

  • Large Scale Residential and Commercial Energy Efficiency Programs
  • Commercial and Residential Energy Assessment (audits)
  • Commercial Energy Efficiency Lighting Upgrades
  • Metering and Energy Monitoring Solutions
  • Design and Installation of PV Systems


An overview of some of the PGA/YESS residential and commercial environmental projects we have undertaken in the past include:

  • VIC Residential Standby Power Controllers – Installing standby power controllers to over 1,000 homes per week. Clients include Energy Australia, Embertec and AGL
  • Vic Commercial Lighting- The retrofit of commercial and residential lighting for energy efficient LED lighting under the Victorian Energy Saver Incentive.  
  • SA (REES) Retailer Energy Efficiency Program – Since commencing work in the REES program in 2012 YESS/GPA have completed over 21,000 home energy assessments, and retrofitted over 72,000 homes with CFL’s / LED lighting, Showerheads and Standby Power Controllers. In the commercial lighting space, we have successfully retrofitted LED lighting into more than 2400 business in South Australia.

Our environmental project management experience includes:

  • SA Energy Friends Program (10,000 Homes)
  • SA Residential Energy Efficiency Scheme (REES) (40,000 Homes)
  • VIC VEEC Programs (100,000 Homes)

We utilise Tablet PC software for completion of appointments, when using this technology fieldworkers synchronise after each job is completed. This gives us up to the minute details on each installation /assessment completed making real time reporting on field activities available.

Our Mission

To facilitate efficient use of energy, to reduce the impact of energy production on the environment and minimise costs for energy consumers​ 

We build our culture on our 5 values:


We are responsive, reliable,
professional and helpful


We seek opportunities to learn
and share knowledge and to
support each other, and our
partners to grow and develop


We are respectful,
professional and act with
integrity all the time

Happy Workplace

We are a unified team with a
willingness to help and support
each other

Social Responsibility

We are solutions focused for
the good of the community
and environment.

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