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  1. My wife and I have aged pensioner concession cards (I am 73) and I have been told that the South Australian government has a scheme that enables free replacement of halogen downlights for LED ones. Is this true? If so, our home has 30+ downlights (of which the majority do not work). Are we eligible for this scheme? I hope you can help as the cost to replace them would be more than we could afford. Please advise.
    Bob and Nancy Bates.

    1. Hello Bob,

      Downlights are included as part of the REPS scheme, however the subsidy set for the activity is too low to provide any benefit to the customer, as DEM and ESCOSA deemed the energy savings of this activity to be minimal.

      Previously we have provided the service when the energy savings/subsidy was higher under the REES scheme, however in 2021 the scheme changed to REPS and the value for the activity dropped.

      Due to this, YESS DO NOT upgrade downlights to LEDs, because for us to do so would be at standard market rates for the customer and as a company we have made the decision to not operate in this field.

      Apologies for the disappointing nature of this news.

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