How recycling your old fridge helps the environment

Refrigerators use “coolants” that contain greenhouse gas emitting chemicals. Find out how correctly recycling your old fridge can help the environment.

Standby Power: your home’s energy leech

Standby Power: your home's energy leech Now more than ever, we are mindful of our energy use. We know the significant cost of electricity on our budget and the planet. So we wouldn't be pleased to know that our bill is going up without providing us with any use! Nowadays, we rely on many devices [...]

Why your shower head’s flow rate matters?

Why the flow rate of your showerhead matters We would all love a long hot shower without feeling guilty. Not just about wasting precious water, but also about a rising electricity or gas bill. Since we pay two costs for hot showers (water and electricity/gas), they represent a big opportunity for saving on utility costs. [...]

SA Government initiative can help your home save on energy costs

SA Government Initiative Can Help Your Home Save on Energy Costs More than 80,000 South Australian homes have saved on energy costs with FREE energy saving products. These products tackle 3 areas of your home’s energy use: Save on energy costs with LED lights Emerald Planet LED a-globesHigh efficacy 133-139lm/WHigh power factorShadow-free frosted diffuserTraditional globe [...]